Protective Covenants

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Dawson Creek. … Summary of Protective Covenants

      • Minimum square footages
      • Section 11 lots 201 – 250  – 2000 square feet heated living space
      • Section 11 lots 251 – 299 – 2200 square feet heated living space
      • Building set backs ..
      • Construction to be finished within 12 months from start
      • No requirement or timetable to start construction
      • All utilities to be underground
      • No further subdivision of any lot
      • Wooded areas to be under brushed 2 times per year, exclusive of wetlands
      • No mobile homes or temporary structures permitted
      • No on-street parking
      • No commercial activity allowed
      • No boats, trailers, or RVs to be visible to adjacent lot owners
      • No horses or livestock, domestic pets in reasonable numbers only
      • Architectural fencing only
      • Architectural review and approval of all construction of any type including docks, bulk heading and tree removal
      • No unregistered vehicles to be visible to adjacent lot owners
      • Satellite dishes over 20 inches to be screened
      • Outbuildings to be of similar appearance and materials to main structure
      • All construction requires appropriate public agency approvals

Complete copy of the Covenants and Restrictions:

DC-Complete-RC (PDF)


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